When It Snows on Idols

I love living in Colorado! My favorite mornings are waking up to an unexpected snowfall when I go out on our glassed porch to read and write. Today, this is one of those mornings. It snowed last night up here on Palmer Divide, and my back yard, the neighbor’s yards and all the way to the Front Range mountains is dusted with white snow. It feels fresh, new, clean.

Part of what makes the scenery so refreshing is the memory of yesterday. It was a day that was filled with brokenness. It was a reminder of the sinfulness of the world we live in. I decided to listen to the discussions of CNN and FOX, Facebook and Twitter, as the debate over politics, sexual abuse, money, and power ensued. I tried to imagine my God sitting somewhere watching all of this taking place and all I could imagine was a tear from his eye, rolling down the face of a God who simply wants us to love each other. Our pride, our sin, our ego, our self-focus keeps us from doing that. The world is focused on everything but God, and it’s sad. Rants about how much money people will save or not from a new tax plan, partisan arguments over where degrading women (physically AND verbally) is abuse or not. (BTW, since when were sexual comments about being so powerful you can grab women where you want, NOT abusive in nature? Jesus judged adultery at the heart first, shouldn’t sexual abuse of women also be judged there by those of us who follow Jesus?) The airwaves of America were filled with the brokenness of a nation that had its eyes and hearts on itself, not the God that they should be seeking. I wonder if this what the early church felt when it lived in the midst of Roman rule, where culture was so sexual, self-focused, and littered with idols. That’s what we’re experiencing in reality…the witness of a culture littered with a multitude of idols. Sadly, many Christians have fallen into the trap that Israel did at times. Mixing God and the idols of culture together in one household. May He have mercy on us.

This morning, though,  I’m reminded how a snow fall can make everything seem so clean. For a couple hours this morning, the world seems quiet, and living in harmony. It gives me a picture of what life can feel like and hopeful that we can live in a place that feels fresh, new and clean. It occurs to me that the church (not the building, but the people) are called to be like a new fallen snow. To give a vision of a world that is fresh and new. This new and clean world is the not-yet Kingdom, and will appear when Jesus decides, but in the meantime, we could actually provide a picture of what it looks like when it snows on idols.

As Christian people, we are a “sent” people. Jesus said, “As the Father sent me, so I am now sending you.” This missional statement by our Lord means that we take the snowfall into the mess of a world needing a picture of what fresh, clean and new can look like. We, as the Jesus-people, should be constructing snowmen in the yards of our neighbors, carrying peace and the future Kingdom door to door. We should be showering snow in the places we live, work, and play, as if to say, “Look! This is what the Kingdom will be like.”

Sadly though, we’ve given over our faith to partisan and political lines, arguing over the morality of heart vs. actions. The worth of a woman (God’s co-created) is in the hands of philosophical arguments instead of a people dressed for snow, who were created for so much more.

I feel like we are a country who has lost our way. We’ve given up the high ground for our own self-focused arguments. We’ve reduced morality to the fine-print of actions, where the character of a man is no longer a precident for leadership. Those who judge whether a person is qualified for Eldership in the church via 1 Timothy 3 are also standing up in support of a President who would never make it on an Elder team. If we want a Christian nation, how in the world does a president not need to qualify…how do presidents of Christian universities stand up for someone for President of their so-called Christian nation, but could never put them on the Elder team of their church? America is lost and confused…and I frustratingly fear that the church is following.

Today, I’m not listening to the world. I’m going to enjoy the snowfall, and remember that the Kingdom to come will feel like this. My mission is to take this feeling, this picture of new fallen snow, and litter the world around me with it. I pray for our country, but even more, I pray for God’s church, that we will embrace the mission instead of the arguments over politics and culture. I pray that it will snow on our idols.

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