The Church “Blanket”

I grew up watching and reading Peanuts...religiously (pun intended). I can't tell you which character was my favorite, but Linus has to be right up there in the top three. Linus, as you probably remember, carried around this blanket as a soother and symbol of security and safety. This is the icon of many kids … Continue reading The Church “Blanket”

The Church Movie Theater

I love going to the movie theater! There is perhaps not another escape from the realities of a stress-filled life that soothes my soul more than inserting myself in someone else’s story. Think about it. We get to sit in a comfortable chair, facing a life-size screen, and we are invited into the stories of … Continue reading The Church Movie Theater

Going the Second Mile…or, Carrying A Pack Makes You Sweat

My friend Thomas Thompson, Lead Pastor of Pulpit Rock Church in Colorado Springs, recently gave a message called "The Second Mile" (watch it here). As I listened to Thomas' crafted presentation of Matthew 5, it occurred to me how symbolic verse 41 is of current missional church efforts. As many of us attempt to take … Continue reading Going the Second Mile…or, Carrying A Pack Makes You Sweat