The New Pulpit?

So where do we go from here? COVID has interrupted our church plans for over a year now. The staff and elder meetings early last year, discussing where we would lead the church community in 2020, seem moot at best. All of last year’s well-conceived plans were tossed out the window. Most of us kept … Continue reading The New Pulpit?

Thin Spaces

The “Highlands” hills of Scotland hold a visual power over people when shrouded in the mist and fog beauty that is now synonymous with that area. The Celts of hundreds of years ago would say that in Scotland, heaven was and earth were just three feet apart, but at times they were just inches apart. … Continue reading Thin Spaces

Hybrid Ecclesiology – A Proposed New Normal

There’s no need to revisit the history of how we got where we are today. We know all the facts surrounding COVID and the struggles that churches are facing in the midst of the pandemic and shutdown. Some of you reading this are dealing with these tensions on a daily basis and my heart truly … Continue reading Hybrid Ecclesiology – A Proposed New Normal

Why CT’s Call for Trump’s Impeachment is Misplaced

When the story broke on social media that Christianity Today’s editor-in-chief, Mark Galli, issued an editorial calling for President Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, I must confess that my first response was affirming. I have had serious issues with the blatant lack of integrity in Trump’s actions and speech ever since his campaign started. … Continue reading Why CT’s Call for Trump’s Impeachment is Misplaced